Resource Scheduling Ex2007

Ok, so I set this up about 3-4 weeks ago and could never get this to work like it should (or like I thought it should)..

I wanted a resource mailbox to not allow conflicts, so as I should, I setup the allowconflicts cmdlet to not allow any, I verfied this by logging in as the resource in OWA and confirming that conflicts were not to be allowed.

When scheduling I figured what would happen is if I logged in as "Bob" and scheduled something, then logged in as "Sue" attempting to schedule something at the same time with the same resource something would happen that wouldnt allow scheduling to occur...

Can someone tell me what the heck i am missing, or at least what I should expect this cmdlet option to do? I tested this using OWA for one user and Outlook 2007 for the other.

Also, how do you typically setup your resources, is it still the best to use public folders (I am trying to find a way to fend this off until we get SharePoint)

Thanks for your tips/advice!
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