Resume critique request

Hello all, forum lurker here looking for some resume critiquing if someone doesn't mind.
(Ignore the formatting, google docs did that)

Also let me say thanks for the great forums with a bounty of great information.
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  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    I always use a summary to open rather than an objective. The objective is to get a job, thats a given you don't really need to put that. I believe a good summary will grab the readers attention better than a simple objective of getting a job. Also I would integrate the skills into your experience rather than bland statement such as "Deployed internal technology recources." What recources did you deploy? If you put something like "Deployed Nortel VoIP solution increasing productivity while cutting telephoney costs by 25%" it show you have experince with these technologies rather than read them from a book. You can keep the list also, but try to work into your work histroy how you used them. Overall I think its pretty good, but I'm no resume expert.
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  • oo_snoopyoo_snoopy Member Posts: 124
    Thanks for the feedback networker050184. Yeah overall I need to move my skills away from my skill field and show example of them under my work experience.
    I used to run the internet.
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