I have just received my home lab!!! need advise!!!

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Morning all .....
Yahooooooooooooooo ... I have finally got it, hahahahha hohohoho hehehehehe.
5 swtiches and 4 routers eheheheheh hohohohoh kokokoko
I guess i got a lot of thinks to do in free time now :)
my lab
2900xl, 4 3550, 4 2507
Guys i need your advise in this :
Can i stack the 5 switches on top of each others ? will there be any heat or weight problems ?
Or would be better if i separate them in two stacks ? ( will be a space problem icon_sad.gif )
Also regarding electricity!!, Can i plug all those in one socket or at least all the switches ? ( we use 240 here )
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  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    All my stuff is pretty tight in my rack, so I don't think stacking them is going to be a problem. As far as problems from weight go, it really depends what you're stacking them on ;)

    You could always go to a hardware store and pick up a 1/2"-1" rubber feet if you want to space them out a bit.

    I have 10 routers and 3 switches plugged into a ups that goes into a single outlet, and I'm ok. My apartment has a terrible power setup as well.

    I don't think you want to plug 120 gear into a 240 outlet. Do you have an adapter or converter or something?

    I'm definitely jealous of those 3550s. Good luck with your CCNP.
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    In terms of electricity..make sure you get a good surge protector or even an APC power supply for backup. For heat. I think you will be fine. As long as you are in a room where it's not too hot. I have my stuff stacked in a rack where they are seperated apart by a couple of inchines. I don't keep my equipment on at all times...too much money and it's really load when i sleep at night.
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    Sell the routers back, keep the switches, and run Dynamips...

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    You can stack them all on top of each other in a rack with no worries. Just make sure you can take the heat and noise yourself. All of that stuff running at the same time, especially the switches, will make alot of noise.
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    So how much did all these toys cost you? About the 3550 switches, you got not even 1 or 2 or 3 but 4, wow, I'm jealous!!! Did you get the stack from ebay?
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    Thanks alot guys ..... I'll make the following, two stacks:
    4 3550 in one stack, 2900+4 router on the other.

    dynamik don't feel jealous, I suppose to get 5 3550 but my luck is not that good. The rest of the equipments i will return them very soon...... back to the same status icon_sad.gif I'll just use them intensively to practice on all topic for bcmsn ..... even those old routers and the 2900xl i can't keep them icon_sad.gif ....

    Anyhow is this life.... when you get a chance in it ... use it properly :)
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    Nice switches for sure.

    I don't find a terrible amount of heat from my rack, as you have to remember they don't get production level traffic in a lab environment. As for electricity, I have a wattage meter on my closet, and between 5 routers, and 3 switches, I am hitting a cost of about $.03/hr to have it on. The only down side is noise.


    Just wanted to say, you can pretty much stack anything you want that doesn't have a fan exhaust on the bottom. If it does, it should have feet, or just find something to separate them by 1/4in so air can still get out.
  • Darthn3ssDarthn3ss Member Posts: 1,096
    GT-Rob wrote:
    The only down side is noise./quote]
    +1 to that. switches and 36xx routers are real loud.

    and my rackmount server is louder than all of the above icon_sad.gif
    Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

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