CCNA Lab upgrade....??

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I'd like to get some feedback.
I have more than enough equipment. I will end up selling some and getting better equipment.
2 x 2520 keeper
2x 2501
2509 Access Server keeper
2523 keeper
2620XM keeper
2x 2924M-XL keeper
2950 keeper
ISDN Simulator and cables/ keeper

I am thinking about selling the ones NOT marked as "keeper" to get 1 or 2 more 2600 series router and another switch, an SDM capable switch perhaps???

What do you think?



  • freetechfreetech Member Posts: 154
    Unless I'm mistaken, ISDN is no longer a subject on the CCNA tests. Ditch the ISDN simulator. That goes for the 2503 as well, you no longer need the built-in ISDN port.

    Definitely keep the 2509.

    Sell those two 2924's and get a 2950, 2950X or 2960. Cisco only uses 2950's and 2960's on the test, I believe. Two 2950's 2960's (any combination) will be enough to do what you need in a lab.

    Last point, unless you just want to have a lot of routers, you typically just need a router to use as a Frame Relay Switch (4 or 8 serial ports, like the 2523) and three or four other routers with at least one serial port each, and at least two switches for STP and VTP. Sell the other stuff and get 2600's or preferably 2600XM's.

    But hey, I shouldn't be saying anything since I have way more than necessary too.
    Good hunting.
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  • beezeebeezee Member Posts: 41 ■■□□□□□□□□
    THAT'S what I'm talking about. Thanks for the advice. ISDN is no longer on the exam but I would still like to tinker with it. I will probably get one more router and switch to setup for my home network with access-list and vlans. hmmmmm
    I love cisco toys.!!!

    Thanks Freetech!!!
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