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I am a C/C++ programmer working in the area of network security developing access control products for Cisco. I have already completed CCNA and now planning to take Security+. My colleagues had suggested me to take up CCSP instead of Secuirty+. Isn't a good idea to start with Security+ ? I need your suggestions on whether my idea of doing Security+ and then CCSP sounds redundant?


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    Security+ is very general and covers a lot of territory. There will be no mention of "Cisco" anywhere in the exam. It covers way more than access control, including encryption, physical security, disaster recovery, written policies, exploits, risk management, etc. It is a good primer for someone getting into security in general, but there is no "hands-on" for the guy who implements security.

    The Security+ is a good cert for anyone and everyone to have under their belt, it makes you appreciate the entire spectrum of computer and network security. As far as making you a more skilled security programmer for Cisco, it won't do much of that. The CCSP will definately be more up your alley and probably give you more bang for the buck on your job, but if you have a couple of months to spare and no one is twisting your arm to get the CCSP first, the Security+ is not a bad choice.

    It's really up to you, and normally I would always suggest the Security+ first, but in your case I think I would lean towards your coworkers advice and do the CCSP first. Good luck! icon_cool.gif
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