outlook creating a new OST file each time user logs in

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We have the outlook clients set to cache the mailbox on the local machine, however one user started suffering slow performance etc, turned out she had over 50 OST files cached on her machine and each time she logged into outlook it would create another..i removed them to buy some time while we looked into the problem(her hdd was totally filled up). I tried turning the cache mailbox mode off but it reverts back to on when the user next logs in. Curently we dont have access to the exchange back end or the AD to check policeys, is there anything i can do locally as nobody else appears to be having this issue?

many thanks


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    have you tired deleting her email account and recreating it

    control panel > mail > show Profiles... remove

    or you could just build a new profile and set outlook to use that one if you do not want to delete anything ... probably the best way really since you don't have access to the exchange box should something go wrong or unexpected happen

    could be a corrupted user profile as well you could also delete it but I would start with outlook
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    I've only seen this happen in a Roaming Profile or Folder Redirection environment. The OST file cannot be found due to something changing in the folder redirect, or the roaming profile coming back down without the OST or a new temporary local profile is created.

    I would go to her Outlook folder within her Profile and copy and copy any PST's, go into outlook and export any rules she may have, etc., and do what Smallguy suggest doing buy totally recreating her Outlook Profile.

    I've only seen the issue where changes made to a user's profile like removing Cache Mode reverts back after the user logs back in when there was a profile issue using Roaming Profiles.

    Good luck!!
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    Outlook creates a new OST file as login from different profile. It allows to access mailbox data without having internet connectivity.
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