Just failed CCDP exam

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Hi forum,

Well, the subject field says it all.

Range 300-1000; Passing score 776; My score 733
In case of equal rewarding, this would be 3.2 questions too much I missed out of the 53 questions.

My prep for this exam:
1) CCDP Self-Study book by Hutton and Ranjbar
2) CCDP Flashcards book and computer based practice test by Sequeira
both CiscoPress

My study for Qos exam, CCDA (the retired curriculum) and my CCDP knowledge and remnants of other Cisco studies.

Keep a VERY good eye on the clock and be prepared for some surprises at the final stages of the exam.
Know your IP Telephony stuff WELL, as well as other infra stuff.

You simply can't spend too much study-time on this exam.


Han Coumans
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    When are going to give it another try?

    Don't forget the 642-871 ARCH expires on the February 23, 2008.

    I just looked at the replacement 642-873 ARCH exam -- and it seems "different" The descriptions seem to say about the same thing still, but the topics for the new exam seem "more condensed" and vague -- or are they "more focused" and specific? icon_lol.gif

    Good Luck! icon_thumright.gif
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    I was wondering that myself. It seems like the blueprint is much more vague than for 871. icon_confused.gif:
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