MCSE self study w/o experience???? *PAPER CERT*

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Im an aspiring MCSE Paper cert icon_confused.gif ...no really...
I attend a local community college and I chose to complete a Computer Info. Systems MCSE track for my major. I've taken 3 MCSE classes already(Professional, Server, and Designing Network Security) I only need 5 clases to graduate and I planned to take them all next semester so i could graduate in December 2004. My problem is that due to low enrollment (because this is a new major) most classes are being cancelled or there is no instructor to teach it. So now im looking at a graduation date of May 05 or even worst Dec 05. This is really **** me off because I planned to move on to a BS Network Security program at another college no later than fall05.

So the dean has presented me with this option. If I pass the other 4 MCSE certification classes I get full credit. The catch is I HAVE no experience and I dont even have a class background to support this. I would have to take the following 4 exams w/o no experience what so ever
(just studying from ms press books):

70-216 Network Infrastructure Implementation
70-217 Directory Services Infrastructure Implementation
70-219 Designing Directory Services Infrastructure
70-214 Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network

excuse my language...but SH*T!!!

Do you think I could succesfully pass these exams without experience (by dec 05)?
I would put in the time and effort studying but realistically i dont think thats enough. WHat do you think?

How long should I study with each exam? (1-2 months?)

Also I dont really have a problem with paper certs. Im working hard just as hard as the next man trying to feed my family. Yes the job market sucks but what am I to do. Its hard to get experience when you no one wont give you a job because you dont have certs or a degree. So I decided if Im going to be a paper cert. I will get all of them


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    bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    a lot of experienced techs would spend two months on each exam, and a lot would spend up to double that on 216.

    i wouldn't be able to accomplish those exams in that time
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    mikiemovmikiemov Member Posts: 182
    I have been supporting/administering NT and 2000 based systems for 5yrs now and I have managed to pass one exam per month, except 216 which I allowed 2 months for.

    I could maybe have done them a little quicker say every 3 weeks or so but I do have a job and more importantly a life !!

    Keep at it,there will be times when you are stuck and think to yourself "god, what on earth am I doing this for..its crap". We all think that but keep at it..hardwork will pay off in the end..always does.

    As far as jobs go, take anything you can to get experience. All the certs in the world wont get you a job, thats what experience is..but saying that you cant get a job to get experience, and employers wont hire people without experience. But persist and one of these days you'll get a break.

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    bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    the best you can do is start to work your way through the exams. many leave 216 to the end, but i also heard some say that they would have understood other exams more if they had atleast read through the 216 material.
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    blackguymdblackguymd Member Posts: 54 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the feed back! Imma Try It!!!
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