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I want to set up a small W2K domain & heard that you MUST have a BDC. Is that true? I just want to practice installing Windows over a network. Anyone know for sure?


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    A BDC (Backup Domain Controller) is actually something pre-Windows 2000. And even in NT4 a primary dc is sufficient to get the domain up and running. So, it is not true. The PDC/BDC thingy has been replaced by server roles. For a homelab you can easily have one server perform all these roles, which it will do by default when you install ADS on it and create a new domain.
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    Well, I was able to install Windows 2000 Server with DNS, Active Directory, DHCP, RIS, the whole works!

    I installed two NICs in the server, then ran a crossover cable to the client running NT 4.0. I was able to test RIS using this basic configuration and play around with Active Directory, etc.

    As stated above, PDC and BDC are only applicable to Pre-Windows 2000 Environment. In Windows 2000 all domain controllers act as equals.
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