Router Sim Question on CCNA Test

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I have a quick question on the router sims on the actual CCNA test. On the sims do you have to complete the entire command for it to be inputted(like copy running-config startup-config instead of copy run start)? And can you make mistakes in your config up to the point you do copy run start and exit the sim or if you make any mistakes in it at all does it automatically make you miss the sim?


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    It's always best to learn complete commands, and *never* abbreviate on the exams. My books say that the sim questions don't let you.

    They are router simulation questions, and you don't fail if you typo. Just make it work.
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    Most people underestimate the capabilities of the sims in the exam. 'Basically' it acts just like a real router. There are some posts in these forums which mention some minor limitations.

    To answer your questions: you can use abbreviated commands, and only the last saved configuration counts. Even the ? command works. In case it matters for the end results, you can even ping another router to check the config.

    The tricky part of the sims is that they are not entirely like the demo sim at
    The actual exam sims are not 'that' clear on which steps to take and in which order. In some sims you may have to assume the logical, like you were configuring a real router. (kinda logical for a 'simulator' ;)) An obivous example is saving the configuration, or enabling an interface (no shutdown) if you assigned an IP to an interface (in case it wasn't enabled yet of course.)

    Don't let the fact that the sims weight more for the end score scare you, use it as the opportunity it is: easily score a lot of points. You won't have to configure an entire router, 'just' a small and basic part. ;)
  • halflife78halflife78 Member Posts: 122
    Ok thanks, I am just use to using abbreviated commands alot from my classes I took and actually using cisco routers, and in all the simulations I have been using at various sites I haven't been able to abbreviate anything. I have my test setup to take tomorrow and I am doing alot of last minute cramming :D
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