FCBS in config.sys for DOS

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Just wondering if someone could help explain the function and use of the File Control Blocks entry in config.sys and give an example of what it's needed for and some of the nessary parameters needed to optimize theuse of this command.


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    FCBS entries are created every time a file is opened on most mac systems and pre DOS 5.0 systems.
    FCBS stores information in a temporary memory location containing file attributes according to the FAT, including but not limited to absolute path, I/O access, R/W/H/S attributes, and process handle tokens.

    MS-DOS uses it in cases such as a program accessing many files in the same path at the same time, and to save memory it stores temporary location information. When files are close together, MS-DOS can open sequentially more than one at the same time, as the same read. If you specifiy a FCBS too high, the buffer can be useless. Generally, unless you're running a MS-DOS based server such as Novell 3.x, you won't need this.

    Files=XX specifices the maximum open files at once, and FCBS=xx specifies the memory allocation for those open files.

    Or somethin :P
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    I think I got the picture on this one and thanks for the insite. I take it from this reply that it's not going to be a big issue on the A+ exam but I like to cover all the possibilities and check out the little things too. Will be scheduling the test soon and trying to wrap up any loose ends I might have overlooked. I appreciate your info and hopefully I'll be A+ certified real soon.
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