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Just started classes today. Two VoIP classes should get me on my way.

Btw, could someone take a look at this eBay link and tell me what he thinks of this equipment and whether this would have been a good buy for a CCVP home lab, or should one have different items?

eBay: Cisco CCNA CCVP Lab 3640 2610 MC3810 2924 VoIP CME ++++ CME\Full PBX\VOIP Phones\Study Guides\Lots More\12.4
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    If you pieced together the same hardware from individual eBay auctions it would probably set you back about $800.

    While paying a premium for the convenience of having someone else piece together the lab for you might be worth it if you have the money and are short on time, you'd lose out on the learning you'd get while you research the hardware and connect together the pieces.

    The MC3810 has a nice configuration of ports (2 FXS, 2FXO, 2E&M), but you'd also want an MFT T1, the 6 DSP module rather than the 2 DSP module, and 64 megs of memory is required to run the last released 12.3 IOS versions. You could use this as you start CVOICE, but then shift it to your PSTN cloud if you decide to build a multi-site home lab.

    There are no POE switches in this lab, so the phones would need the power bricks/adapters -- and I don't see those mentioned.

    Callmanager Express isn't covered in the CCVP, but some people have used it if they couldn't get access to CallManager Servers.

    It sounds like the DVD contains **** and pirated CBTs.
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