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Hello all, found this forum today and it's great to see a community to discuss the N+ exam.
I've been studying for about 3 weeks just got my AAS:Computer Networking and haven't even had a break yet! icon_eek.gif

Oh well, gotta get a job soon so gotta keep cramming my brain. Well my test is scheduled for the 18th of this month and I'm really kicking it into high gear. I have the Sybex Study guide set comes with the Fast Pass book and the Street Smarts book. I also picked up the exam cram study questions and have been studying those as well. My question is how many questions are on a test? Because my study materials are 50 question tests and I hope the real thing has more then that! icon_eek.gif Well any info on This would be great.

Also did anyone have any questions on S/N ratio and Frequencies? Because the exam cram seem to get into some fairly technical questions regarding Digital Communications.


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    Last update for Network+ was 6/1/2005
    It's a one part test.
    The test is 85 questions.
    Grade is from 100 to 900
    Passing score is 554
    Network+ certification 2005 exam code is N10-003
    Format....conventional, situational, identification, multiple choice
    Retake policy is about the same as A+

    *from proprofs.com

    As for S/N ratio I honestly don't remember.
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    Thank you, GT-Rob for the reply. I'm also glad to here the 2005 test material is still completely valid because that was the most recent study material I could find on Amazon. :)
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    I just took N+ about a month ago and I must say its different. Know your fiber.

    I had the "new" study materials, knew them extemely well, and about 1/2 the test was still left field. I felt lucky to pass, and angry that so much random crap was on there and so little "concept" questions.
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    I had the "new" study materials, knew them extemely well, and about 1/2 the test was still left field. I felt lucky to pass, and angry that so much random crap was on there and so little "concept" questions.

    I know how you feel, when I took mine it was the same way. Half the questions were just so random, nit pickey, and down right stupid it left a bad taste in your mouth. Didn't feel to me like any real knowledge was being examed, just whoever could memorize the most pointless stuff.
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    yea that's why I'm glad to get those certs out of the way, I like how specific the MCSE exams are because you know what you need to study for exactly.
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    I sat this exam a couple of weeks ago. I did not get any S/N ratio questions.

    Make sure you know max distances, data speed, type of cable, connector types for single and multi mode fiber, twisted pair, coax, etc.

    Also be sure to know all the common port numbers, protocols, OSI model, network topologies, IP addresses public and private. I had all of this stuff down pat and that was the reason I passed. I had the most problems with network implementation and support questions.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the heads up guys. The Network Support questions are the ones I seem to miss most often though because sometimes both answers can be correct so I need to work on getting better at making sure I always choose the best answer. I have memorized all of the media types and IP class Ranges and Connectors pretty confusing stuff with all the acronyms. icon_confused.gif But I finally think I have a handle on this. So the test is this Friday I'm nervous but hopefully I will pass. I will try and remember as many questions as I can so when I get back I can share what topics I was tested on most.
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