Lab equipment accumlation....almost there.

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Well, this is what I got so far after 2-months of scrounging.
Includes total price to my door:
3 X MC3800 (ONE FXS port each and T1...will be expanding) loaded w/memory. $72
1 X VG200 64/16...no cards/ports yet. $32
2 X 4500M routers 32Dram, 0-flash (I net-boot from Linux...save a fortune in Flash). $40
1 X 2612 $14
1 x 2514 (lots of Flash/DRAM) $24
3 X DTE/DTE DB60 cables $18
1 X 3550 (lots mem and Flash....supports REAL routing protocols) $Free
4 X 7940 and power-cubes Handsets $240
2 x 10/100 linksys switches $free
I need to fill in the blanks still, but almost done.
Any real assembled and configured example-labs or lab-challenges on the net?

Some tips for saving money.
*) Research going rates. Set goal of paying HALF (or more!) that.
*) Craigslist is a good resource...as is EBAY
*) Wait for your deal....pass up bids that run high.
*) Buy complete packages (chassis, memory, interface cards)...you will save in the end.
*) Low on Flash? NETBOOT from a TFTP server! Flash is expensive.
*) Dont discount cheap 25xx routers in favor of 26xx routers. For routing, QOS, and IP connectivity tests 25xx routers (and 4500, 4700) when loaded up with memory will run new code and perform fine for the bandwidths you will need for any lab work we do.
*) Many DRAMS on older model (45xx) use pc memory.


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    Don't forget the Fax machines (or fax/printer/copiers or laptop/pc with modem and fax software) and analog phones. :D
    pullin-gs wrote:
    I'm guessing that wasn't a lucky eBay purchase. icon_lol.gif
    pullin-gs wrote:
    Any real assembled and configured example-labs or lab-challenges on the net?
    NLI (ccbootcamp.com) has their topology posted on their website, and I used that to guide my voice purchases. I'm thinking about getting their Voice Technology Workbook, but I'm mad at them since I'm still waiting for the final 3 CCIE Security v2 labs that they have been promising since last March. But it looks like the Voice products got priority over Security and are real and shipping products.

    The IEMentor Voice workbook is being sold on eBay by a long time member named iementor.... might be legitimate. I've been tempted to email IEMentor to find out.

    InternetworkExpert missed their December date for their new Voice products (workbook and Advanced Voice Technologies Class) and are now scheduled for February.

    IPExpert has extended their "New Year Special" sale -- If you buy the Voice Workbook and Proctor guide for $800 +shipping, you get the Audio Class CDs and Class on Demand DVDs for free. The Workbook and Proctor Guide came yesterday -- so I know for a fact the product exists :D The DVDs and CDs are shipping separately according to the packing slip.

    There was a site started to develop free CCIE labs.... but it attracted only people who wanted free practice labs and no one with the knowledge to create them. And the people who did go on to get their CCIE# never went back to the site and never created free labs for others.
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    pullin-gspullin-gs Member Posts: 38 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the details Mike.

    One more question:
    Looking to setup CCME...is this a waste of my time? Is it even covered for CCVP test?
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    mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    There was no CME covered when I did the CCVP, and it doesn't look like its in the current CCVP exams either.

    Call Manager Express and Unity Express are covered in the 642-144 IPTX exam, which may be useful when you go for the CCIE Voice (or the Cisco IP Communications Express Specialist Certification}.
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    pullin-gspullin-gs Member Posts: 38 ■■□□□□□□□□

    2 months of labbing up stuff and studying has paid off.
    My co-workers cry and complain to our boss for training and bootcamp $$$ and have gotten nowhere. One dude even got a CCNP bootcamp (they give you braindumps to get you certified) and he failed the last test! In the mean time I'm close to getting certified, and on top of that, I know the material through hands-on, not paper.

    Every test I study for FORCES me to implement a little bit of everying when setting it up.
    CCM, QOS, GWGK, handsets, cross-vendor integration, etc.

    CCVP will come, just a matter of a little more time.



    PS: Anyone got a 2650XM or 2651XM maxxed out w 256/48 memory they would like to trade for some gateway stuff?
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