Security+ Credit for MCSE Win2k After Deadline

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I've seen other posts on this site saying that Microsoft Exams that are still available after the March 31, 2008 deadline can still be taken after the deadline and applied for credit toward an MCSE on Win2k. However, does anyone know for certain whether obtaining CompTIA's Security+ certification AFTER the March 31, 2008 deadline can still be applied for credit toward an MCSE on Win2k. I sent an email to someone at Microsoft asking them this same question and they weren't much help. Here's what they said:

"We would be happy to assist you. However,we would like to inform you that you need to take all the required exams before March 2008 in order to achieve the certifications."

This sounds like they are basically saying that not only do the exams expire on that date, but so does any hope of attaining the MCSE Win2k certification. Who should I believe? Thanks.


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    My understanding is that you must complete everything by the March, 31st deadline. There are occasionally circumstances that may allow you to take the tests after the date they retire, such as being involved in an official training course, but unless you feel you qualify for some special treatment, you should plan on completing everything by the end of March.
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    I'm not talking about taking the exams after they retire. I'm talking about getting the certification using exams that aren't discontinued after March 31, 2008 - like Security+.
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    So was I. From what I've seen, and as was stated in the response you got from Microsoft, you need to complete all the requirements by the end of March in order to obtain an MCSA/MCSE in Server 2000.
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    Okay. I thought I read on another site that it wasn't the MCSE 2000 certification that was being discontinued, just certain exams that were part of that tract. I checked the site again though and it seems to say that discontinued exams can only be used for MCSE 2003 after the deadline. Thanks.
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