Passed the Core

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Aloha Gang:

Yikes!!!! Sqeaked by A+ Core with a 564; squeaked by the Net + with 760 earlier. Direct result of not spending much time on Practice Exams. Will blow the roof off the OS, looking to get in 800s. Anyhow purchased Vouchers and Test Bank Questions both Net+ and A+ from Very thorough info. and inexpensive. Net+ Voucher/Exam Questions (500) and PDF Book. 158.00. A+ Core/OS Vouchers/Exam Questions(Core 982, OS 380)/PDF Book. 240.00. Another bonus I found with the NET+ was a iNET PDF Book. My advice for the Core, don't be cocky and impatient and study Exam Guides and Practice Exams until consistent with 90%. Use this site, and make note of the Processor Guides. Off to the OS next week.
Good Luck to All.


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