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Alright so I brought the Linux + book by Sybex like last week. I'm into the 5th chapter now and I'm having the hardest time trying to learn the material. Chapter one was alright because I know what parts of a computer are but the chapters after that aren't really telling me how to use the parameters with examples. I would go and try to type in a command suchs as ln with a parameter and wouldnt know how to work with a hardlink or symbolic link. So I would use the man command to try to read up on the command that I'm trying to use and nothing would help me with that. I do have the cd (not with me now because I'm at school) that came with the book. I've been going through the chapters that I've previously read just to make sure that I understand file permissions, vim, mkdir, and other stuff. I'm not trying to rush through things but I just would like to understand the material more clearly so does anyone have any other books in mind that would be more detailed in the material? I've tried to use wikipedia with some linux sites to help me but I couldn't find anything. Maybe I shoulda started with A+ icon_confused.gif
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