Taking my test tomorrow.

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Hey first time poster but I read these boards quite often. I wanted some input from you guys that have taken the test before.

I have studied the Network+ off and on since the beginning of November and I have been cramming for 2 weeks. I also have read the Exam Cram 2 book, parts of a Sybex Network+ book, some network+ videos, and a ton of internet lookups wiki, techexams, message boards, etc.

I've taken a ton of practice questions:

Total Seminars Exams I'm getting 89%, 84%, 70%, 83%, and 82% so far.

Sybex Network+ 30 Question Quiz: 84% Chapter quiz's range from 75%-85%.

Exam Cram 2 I took all of the chapter quiz's and the 2 exams which is a total of 254 questions and I averaged 81%.

I got a 84% on the Techexams 60 question test as well.

Are these test scores a good enough indication that I'm ready to go for it tomorrow. I feel confident but I have a personality that always gets me in trouble. I usually will start second guessing myself and would like some input if these are similar scores that most of you get before you take the actual test or should I be getting higher averages?

Thanks a lot!


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    I think you should shoot for 90% or higher on the practice tests (the first time through -- otherwise memorization kicks in and the score isn't an accurate predictor). Most exams have an approximate 70% pass rate, so if you're consistently getting 80-85%, you'll probably be fine. The score might just be a bit closer to that cut-off point that you would have preferred.

    If you're doubting yourself, put another week into it. There's no point in rushing through this. Remember, the goal is to learn the material. The cert is just a byproduct of acquiring the knowledge.
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    Make sure you are ready; if you are paying for the test.
    $232 is big gamble if you fail.
    I studied for approx 2 weeks after passing the CCNA and having plenty of practical experience.
    I barely passed the test.
    I was blown away by a lot of quesitons that in mind came out of left field.
    I read the books, I took all the pratice tests, flash card, etc....
    Just my 2 cents
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    It sounds like you're in the ballpark, just make sure you're familiar with all the topics listed on the exam objectives on the Network+ site, and you should be fine. Good luck with the exam, we're all looking forward to your "I PASSED!!!" post after you're finished.
    dynamik wrote:
    Remember, the goal is to learn the material. The cert is just a byproduct of acquiring the knowledge.

    Couldn't have said it better myself, (no matter how much I ramble on. :D )

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    best of luck, let us know how it goes :D
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