public ip block on exchange server

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i know how to setup exchange and dc with private ip address. but

how do you setup exchange server with public ip? for example, if you have a block of public ip, what is the dns, your ad ip, etc?


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    How is it connected to the rest of your network? Do you have a NIC for each network (public and private)? Is it on a DMZ? Is it just connected to the private network and will a NAT device facilitate traffic between it and the internet?

    Your ISP will provide you with what you should configure for your DNS servers, IP address, default gateway, and subnet mask.
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    ex. - /25 just an example only.

    I could use any of those. Should i put 3 NICs on exchange. 1 for public DNS, create MX record, 1 for exchange public IP, 1 private ip 192.168.1.x, then AD is also in 192.168.1.x

    lets just say no DMZ, just NAT routing. I am trying to see how ppl use public ip on exchange
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    At the most, you'd only need two NICs. One for public and one for private. I suppose you could have multiple public and private NICs if you want to isolate specific types of traffic on each interface, but that seems well beyond the scope of what you're trying to do.

    If you're using NAT, you'd only need one NIC with a private IP address. Your NAT device will accept connections for the public IPs you configure on it, and then translate them to private IPs. For example, could have your NAT device forward to (assuming that public IP went to your exchange server at that address). You can either allow all traffic to flow between them or just specific types of traffic, maybe just TCP ports 110 and 25 in this case. The latter is obviously recommended for security purposes.
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    thanks, your idea is great. and this is what i learn.

    but..what if there is no NAT device? how do you setup 1 nic with public and 1 nic with private?

    do you also have IP routing disabled in registry?
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    You actually wouldn't have to do any routing on that machine since there's no need for you to route traffic on that machine. You would configure one NIC with your private network information, and you would configure the other NIC with the public network information provided by your ISP. Any traffic from the internet would go to the public NIC and any internal traffic would go to the private NIC.
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