Failed SCSA Part 1

(Posting this here because I don't think there's another more appropriate forum)

I failed part 1 of the SCSA (Sun Certified Systems Admin) test today. Unfortunately I already paid for and scheduled part 2 of the test for Monday, and I'll probably fail that also. It's too late to reschedule.

This is the first exam I've ever failed. I underestimated it a bit after easily passing the RHCE, a test that is notoriously harder. The SCSA book authered by Paul Sanghera:

...was completely inadequate. He blatantly copied huge portions from the man page. He also quite literally listed deprecated command switches and treated them as though they were equally important as other information that was certain to appear on the exam. The format of the test questions wasn't even close to those on the exam. The exam questions were 100% scenario based. None of the test questions in the book or on the cd were scenario based. The failure was my own fault, of course, for not using additional sources. To make matters worse, my coworkers act like I'm an idiot for not using braindumps. Anyway, I purchased the following books today to supplement my knowledge before I give it another try:

I also arranged to have my employer provide me with an old Sun SPARC system to do more hands-on work.

I tried to do a bit too much too fast. I was able to do the RHCE very fast with little study because of my 8 years of Linux sysadmin work, and this gave me a false sense of confidence. Solaris is very different from Linux and the study material I choose as well as my studying time were inadequate. I'm going to study hard, slowly, and consistently for another two or three months and then retake.


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