70-620 as an elective exam for MCSA?

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I just want to makesure I have the right information before I decide, which elective exam I do for the 2003 MCSA.

I have completed exam 70-270, 70-290 and 70-291 for the 2003 MCSA track. I am thinking of doing the 70-620 as my elective. Can I do this? I have checked on Microsoft's website and it says you can do 70-620 as an elective exam but I just wanted to makesure I have read it right.



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    Thanks for the information dynamik. The 70-620 also counts towards the MCTS cert as well being an elective for the MCSA and the MCSE doesn't it?
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    yes it does.
    Dustin Leefers
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    Yep, 620 will give you MCTS status just like passing any of your older exams gave you MCP status. Also, 70-620 can be applied toward the MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician and/or MCITP: Enterprise Administrator.
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    Would you say 70-620 is a decent exam to do as an elective for the 2003 MCSA or should I be considering Exchange or ISA? Or is it all down to personal choice/study preference?
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    It really depends on what you want to do. I personally think it's a bit odd to have two out of your four MCSA certifications be client exams. You would definitely be more well-rounded if you branched out a bit and tried something new for your elective. However, you will likely need 620 sometime in the near future if you plan to continue your MS studies, so if you feel like taking it now, go for it. You can always take other exams later on. I'd look over the MCSA/MCSE security and messaging specializations and see if either of those interest you. If you want to go for one or both of those, you should start focusing on those requirements.
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    Thanks again for the information dynamik. You have given me a few points to consider there. But like you said I will probably need to do the 70-620 in the future to continue with the MS Certs. So by doing the 70-620 as my elective now it will complete the MCSA and also count towards the MCITP.

    So many options!!! :D
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