lab challanges/excersizes in preparation for the CCVP

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I dont think there is a thread dedicated to CCVP lab scenarios, so here goes.

I could really use a list of some lab challenges I could build...not looking on "how" to do it....the figuring out how to do it is the fun part which is how I learn the best.
IP routing/switching and QOS is licked. I'm focused on voice stuff now.
I suppose the first thing I'll do is setup two 7940 phones to call each other?
....maybe setup an anlog phone to call a VOIP phone in the same call plan?
...other stuff as I grow in my skills.

I've got a typical lab like many on the forum:
CCM6.0 Virtual Machine (no CCME router build though)
RedHat Virtual Machine for TFTP, SNMP, and other net-management stuff
Full CIO access to IOS/CCM/Voice images
3 MC3810s 64/32 w/FXS and T1 ports...do I need an VXO port?
2612 64/16 router
VG200 64/16 w/2FXS and 2FXO ports
3550 48-port switch w/enterprise IOS.
Several other flat switches
4 7940 phones w/power...what images should I load?
3 analog phones
2 faxes
4 other 12.3 coded older routers with lots of LAN/WAN interfaces

My rack is on order, so I'll be racking it all up soon.
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