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What are the best commands to torubleshoot VPN connections?
Now im working with several vpn links and i would like to know the commands, the people with more experience uses in a daily basis to troubleshot vpn's.


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    What appliance and software version?

    For a PIX/ASA:

    debug crypto isakmp for phase 1 (i.e. if you can't see an active IKE association)
    debug crypto ipsec for phase 2 (i.e. your IKE assocation is up but nothing else)

    There are more but exploring debug crypto ? should get you what you need for most things.

    If it's remote access you can use debug-crypto for session problems but you likely also have to look at your authentication systems. So don't forget to watch your AAA servers if you are using them (Event viewer for IAS, debugging AAA on the router/device if you are using those instead etc.)
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    clear crypto sa
    clear crypto isakmp

    to catch the debugging from the beginning, starting with the interesting traffic to bring up the tunnel.
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    I usually use:

    show crypto ipsec sa (to see encrypted traffic)
    show crypto isakmp sa
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