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Has anyone heard of Netlfix decision to make it movie library accessible by streaming.
This had me thinking of making a Media Center PC for the living room and possibly reducing some of my cable tv channels.

What do you think??


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    I used this service while on vacation. I hear Netflix is going to be making their video streaming unlimited instead of limiting hours per month. All plans will be unlimited except for the $5.99 plan. The video quality is great but would be nice if it was offered in high definitiion. This would be great if you were using a HTPC and could stream HD content. Still though, you can stream DVD quality streaming video from netflix to your to a HTPC if you wanted to. I'd definitely love to do this.
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    I use netflix, and unless they update the streaming service to include all the same or most of the movies in their library, right now, there aren't near the amount available for streaming as there are for physical mailing, something to do with some movie companies not allowing streaming of their movies as part of a subscription service, if they can convince the movie companies to do this, it would be nice, but being as they movie companies have contracts and such with cable companies I don't see all their movies being available for streaming, unless they do it like vudu and you have to pay for each movie you buy.....

    nice idea though, can't wait to see how it pans out.
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