Plz help. Activation Key lost!

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I had a PIx firewall 515E, Version 8.0(2), i downgraded it with 6.3(5). Like a schoolboy i did not backup the activation running on ios version 8.0(2). After replacing the image file with pix635.bin, pix ios version 6.3(5), its asking me for activation key.

From where do we get the activation key?

I have the "show run" output of my previous output, where I see something like cryptochecksum value. Can it be my activation key for version 6.3(5)?

Plz help in this regard.



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    It's not saved in the running-config, if you have a copy of your version info. from 8.02 (show version) it'll have it.
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    Well, I mailed to Cisco with my serial of pix 515e. They returned with the activation key. Infact, i was not aware that 'show run' does not provide activatin key rather 'show version' will show the activation key.

    thanks that i made the mistake. I hope i will never do the mistake again (if my membrain is not down).
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