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We're looking at putting in a new wireless access point here at our corporate office and I was wondering what some of you are using. I'm looking at Cisco Aironet 1131AG. Anyone worked with one of these? How well do they integrate into a LAN that doesn't use much Cisco equipment (other than routers).


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    I just installed 4 aironet 1130AG WAP's and they worked really well. The only problem I have had with some of those is the POE. Other than that no problems. Of course we have a Cisco Wireless Lan controller that automatically configures the WAP when it is plugged into the LAN.
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    It doesn't need a Cisco backbone to rely on, any normal ethernet switch should be fine.
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    Thanks for the input. Another question, how well do they talk to one another when not managed by the LAN Controller?
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    I'll ask these questions......

    802.1x authentication?


    What type(s) of antennas are you requiring?

    Because there are lower cost AP's that work just as well.
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