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i filled in one of those mcsa signup forms weeks ago to notify them of my A+ Net+ to be used as an elective for the MCSA. I phoned up microsoft and they said that it's not in their system yet and they told me to submitt the form again and wait a couple of weeks. I did that and realised that i have 2 different comptia id numbers for A+ and Net+, maybe i was supposed to submitt 1 signup form for each id number? That's weird having 2 different id numbers, do you think this is the reason for the delay?


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    The CompTIA member ID is located on your certification card and certificate. You should only have one ID. If for some reason you have two, contact CompTIA and let them know so they can fix the problem. This will prevent MS from verfiying your certification.
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    Yeah, when i transfered credits, they took less than 24 hours to do the whole thing
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    the id numbers on my A+ and Network+ cert are not the same as eachother. I've contacted Comptia but received no reply yet, is there a UK no i can contact them with?
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    it's ok, i just found it
  • fugi1fugi1 Member Posts: 58 ■■□□□□□□□□
    i can't beleve how Comptia can mess everything up for me, i now have to hope that they reply to my emails otherwise i'll never get my MCSA cert.
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    If you are planning to go towards MCSE, then having MS verify your CompTIA certfication is unnecessary. In my opinion an MCSA who hasn't passed 70-216 has absolutely no knowledge of how to administer a network since they haven't worked with the network services of Windows. I suggest you consider passing 70-216.
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    Yeah i know what you mean, but it's nice to say that you're MCSA while you are waiting for your MCSE. Anyway, i phoned Comptia and they were really helpfull and the problem has been resolved. No stress now
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    CompTIA had 2 ID numbers for me as well... I eventually did get a reply email with a number to call to fix it... we chatted for a bit and picked one number to put all my CompTIA certifications under. They forwarded the info on to MS and it was updated the next day.

    Good luck getting it all straightened out.... By the way, this usually happens if you take one exam through... say VUE and another through... say... Prometric.
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