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Hey all. I just got word I am deploying again (just got back 3 months ago!), so I'll spend another 15 months there. The good news is deployment is where the good experience in this job happens. My quick question is:

I have a good 8 months or so till the window opens where I may leave..I wanted to knock out 1-2 of my CCNP tests before then. We *may* have a testing center there (we did last deployment)..if not, a buddy of mine intends on opening one up. That being said, that would be fine. If there is no testing center however, I don't want to come back, and have to retake both of those (BSCI, and BCMSN), in addition to the other two exams I'd still have left. I know you can recertify a CCNA with one 642 level exam, but how long do the individual 642 exams last?

My take is, everytime you take another 642, you have 3 years from that date, since you technically just recertified, right? Then once you finally complete the CCNP, it is three years from that date before you must recertify, right?

Thanks guys. I guess it's time to get back to work again!



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    You have to take all of the CCNP exams within three years of taking the first one. Taking another one of the CCNP exams does not "recertify" the other CCNP exams, they are only good for three years. In other words if you take your first exam and then three years later take the other three you will have to retake the first exam in order to get your CCNP certification. Once you have the CCNP ceertification the other 642 exams renew your certification.
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    Awesome. I should be OK then. I appreciate the input.
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