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I'm looking at getting my MCSA in Server 2003 within the next three months. I've already studied quite a bit for 70-270, and I could probably take it this month if I had to. I'm not quite that far on 70-290, and 70-291, but I'll be there within three months. I've already got A+ and Net+, so the elective requirement should be fulfilled by that.

Is it worth it to start studying for the 70-620 exam and take that instead of 70-270? I haven't looked at the certification material too much, so I don't know how different it's going to be from 70-270. Is 70-270 future-proof enough that 70-620 is unnecessary? Is 70-620 different enough from 70-270 that I'd be wasting my changing?

And finally, does an MCSA Server 2003 transfer to the MCTS Server Administrator 2008 regardless of the client exam, meaning that it probably won't matter which I get in the long run, or do I eventually need a Vista exam to get Enterprise Administrator?
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    Ok, First of all, I have not taken any of these exam. But these are a few points I know in order for me to decide which one to take.

    XP and server 2k3 consider to be the products in the same period of development, so many of the features and interface looks the same or similar. Both 290 and 270 have some information and topics overlap each other, make studying both of them becomes more easier.

    Choosing 270 make your study easier especially back to back with 290

    Vista is the next gen of client paper which will have some similarity to yet to lauch server 2k8. Beside it counts as a elective to MCSE, you also earn a MCTS title and can becomes a requirement for some other certificates in the future.

    Choosing 620 give you addition title (MCTS) and as a elective or requirement for some other certification.

    Of course 620 will be more future proof but 270 still have its market value for at least a few years to come

    If I'm remember correctly, as long as you have a MCSE 2k3, upgrade to 2k8 MCTS will take the same path regardless which elective you took.

    If you ask me, i will take 620, because i have been using xp since my colleges time. I have learn a lot of (if not all) the exam topics that cover in 270 (so were you I guess), I prefer something more futuristic and dont forget the server 2k8 will have some overlap features with vista, make you study your MCTS server easier. More over, you can get the MCTS title and logo icon_wink.gif
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