Can you integrate third party AA and voicemail with CME?

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can I integrate a 3rd party Automated Attendant and Voice mail to communicate with my Call manager Express router? I tried looking at the Prices for the AIM-ATM-VOICE and cisco CUE. And It is so expensive I cannot afford it. Any third Party voice mail can be be plugged into my switch would be great!! :D:D
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    Voice Mail Features
    Integrated voice mail and auto-attendant solution with Cisco Unity Express, Integration with Cisco Unity voice mail/unified messaging, or third-party voice mail integration (H.323, SIP, or dual tone multifrequency [DTMF]).

    The Callmanager Solution Reference Network Design document has a section on Third-Party Voicemail Design that could fill in some of the background information for you -- but on a much larger scale then you'd deal with when using CME.
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