Domain 3.2 configure Raid

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"Domain 3.2 Configure Raid
Activities include:
Use manufactuers tool to configure the array."

This above COMPTIA objective doesn't tell what exactly I need to know about these raid "tools" and which RAID tools I need to know.

Hopefully there is a question on exam the like this:

Which of the following would you use to configure RAID:

B) Network Service
D) The manufactuer's tool.

The objectives themselves hint the anser is D, whichout reading any study material.


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    Usually CompTIA exams don't go into much depth so you will probably only need to know the basics of that objective. As far as that question goes, I think the logical answer would be D. Although it is unlikely that the questions on the Server+ will be that easy.
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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    EbizGuy wrote:
    "Domain 3.2 Configure Raid
    ....The objectives themselves hint the anser is D, whichout reading any study material.

    I just replied to your other post......I hope I'm just reading too much into this, but it looks like you are looking for the easiest way to pass this exam. icon_rolleyes.gif

    If you are not working with the hardware, reading books and reviewing the Objectives....perhaps you should look into some other field besides IT.

    Server+ is a vendor neutral exam and CompTIA exams are pretty straight-forward. If you are looking for a simple way out of the most basic exams, don't bother going into the MS or Cisco exams....there is WAY more prep needed for those exams.

    Likewise, you will alienate many of the members here by your shortcut ways. There are some top notch people who volunteer their time to help newer members out...but if they smell you are looking for 'easy' or even a way to ****...you may find you won't see many replies to your inquiries.

    If I'm incorrect in my assesment...my apologies. If I'm not, consider it for what it is...a friendly note.

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