Calling Exchange 07 Gurus?

garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
I got a nasty little problem and need some help.

I have had Exchange 2007 up and running since July 07. It was a transition from Exchange 2000 in which the legacy Exchange is no longer running and all public folders now reside on the 07 server. SP1 has been installed and working fine. My issue is accessing the IIS /public drive via webdav or http. I cannot do it which means Mac clients have no public folder access and GFI Mail Essentials cannot scan public folders as it uses Webdav. All Outlook clients have public access and OWA even has Public folder access thanks to SP1. I cannot even connect to public folders with the PFDAVAdmin tool, I get an error but it connects to the mailboxes. The directories in IIS are OWA and all the legacies - public, exadmin, exchange ect...The directories point to the \\backoffice. Is this something actually in the ASDI hierarchy pointing incorrectly? It's driving me crazy.
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