70-296 Resources - Help please!

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Hi Guys,

I've been looking over the preparation guys for 70-296 put out by Microsoft, there are some topics that jump out at me:

Planning, Implementing and Maintaining Server Avialablity:
- Plan a high availablity solution that uses clustering services.
- Plan a high availabilty solution that uses Network Load Balancing.

Does anyone have any links to steps or webcasts that cover this topic? I am ready to deploy on my local network, but I have search all of the Internet and kind find steps, excercies, or a webast that goes through the basics of this topic. Any help?


I'm looking for a webpage that has a summary of all AD master roles, what their requirements and recommendations are, and a summary of what their functions are. Does anyone have such a link that details all master roles indiviudually?


Any tips on what I should focus on for this exam?

Thanks all.


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