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So I am heading down the road to my MCSE with a goal of the end of the year at this point. My plan was to do the Exchange or Security+ elective for the MCSE as I thought it would be easier. Recently my job had thrown certain SQL Server 2000 tasks in my lap.

I have been backing database's up and running pre-written SQL scripts against it. I did some ASP years back and knew some of the SQL commands. I busted out SQL in 10 minutes and had no problems memorizing and running every command in SQL Server 2005 Express (and Mysql).

So, I think I might just switch it to the SQL server elective. Considering I am going to gain a nice little bit of experience as one the application I administer (Sage Saleslogix 7.0) is going to have it's SQL server upgraded from 2000 to 2005.

So is switching to SQL server as my elective a good idea? And if so, where to I start? Besides taking a 3 unit class in Access back in college (7 years ago) I don't have any real database experience.

I read and ran the labs found in Microsoft Access 2003 for Dummies, SQL Server 2005 Express for Dummies and SQL in 10 minutes just to try and give myself and understanding. What's next?

When I read Microsoft's site on studying for the exam I came across this, "The primary audience for this course is database administrators who are experienced and proficient with enterprise database products such as Oracle, DB2, or Sybase. It will also help current database administrators who are experienced with Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and earlier. This course is not for individuals who are experienced only in desktop database management systems such as Microsoft Access or individuals who are experienced in SQL Server 7.0."

So where do I start? Should I go for 2005 or 2008? Or should I say forget it, given my lack of background and go for Security+ or the Exchange test?

I guess I am thinking out loud just as much as I want input...


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    Why don't you just do all three? ;)

    Given your situation, I would say go ahead and go for 2005. You're working with it now (or soon), so it will be beneficial for you to learn it. 2008 isn't even out yet, and 2005 will likely still be in use for many years to come. Plus, once you've got 2005 down, upgrading to 2008 shouldn't be too difficult for you.

    Which of the two tests are thinking of taking? SQL is a pretty straight-forward language, but you're probably going to be focusing advanced theories and technologies such as normalization and clustering as well. The express edition is a pretty capable little product, but you'll really need to play around with the full version to prepare for the exam(s):

    I wouldn't let the primary audience scare you off. I've been way out of my league for the ones I've done, and I've been fine. Just be sure to lab it up and get some hands-on experience. To get started, pick up the MS Press and/or Sybex (or any other good book), CBT Training, practice tests, VM lab, etc. The preparation shouldn't be too much different than any other MS test.

    I guess the big question is, are you interested in SQL? If not, disregard everything I've said and do Security+ or Exchange.
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