Hi All im new here just wanted advice for my Comptia A+ exam

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I just found this site and it looks really good i just wish i had found it before. Anyways i will be taking my A+ 601 exam in 2 days and my 602 next week and i wanted to ask is there anything specific i should be studying? because i have been through alot of sample tests and study guides so i wanted to ask if it is really hard or if they try to throw curveballs at you lol just any words of advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks guys


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    Welcome to the forums!

    Run through the objectives lists for the exams you're taking and make sure you understand the concepts for them all: http://certification.comptia.org/a/

    If you feel like you have a handle on the material and are doing well on the practice tests, you are probably adequately prepared for the exams. CompTIA exams can contain some goofy questions, so don't get discouraged if you get a few things that you feel like you've never come across. I'd read through some other threads in the A+ forum to learn more about what to expect for those specific exams.

    Good luck!
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