Practice exams from Boson Exam (Update = Passed)

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I've been doing a lot of practice questions from Boson Exam, and I found a lot of questions on topics that I didn't study on. I don't recall seeing them in the Meyer's book nor in any of the study guides (TechExams, ExamCram, PrepLogic, etc). For instance, one of the questions was about RAID 7... And I swear I didn't read about that in any of my study materials.

I also realized that a lot of their references for the questions are MCSE/MCSA books! Is there anyone who could tell me how close their questions are to the actual Network+ exam questions?

I'm not feeling very confident about the Network+ exam tomorrow. icon_cry.gif


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    You got a RAID 7 question on a Network+ practice test? I don't know why any general test would ask about RAID 7 since it is a relatively unknown proprietary implementation of RAID, and I fail to see how it even applies to networking. I don't know how much I'd trust that practice test. You might be better off spending your time with other resources.

    How do you feel about your knowledge regarding the rest of the material you've worked with? It's too late to reschedule now, so better muster up some confidence. You don't want to miss points because of a negative attitude :D
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    Yay. I passed Network+ today.

    After taking the exam, I have to say that those Boson practice questions were on crack. I guess I won't be using them for Security+.
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif

    Give Transcender a shot for the Security+.
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
    W.I.P CCNA Cyber Ops
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    Great job! :D
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