Taking Cert in 1 Week

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Howdy, first post here :) Lurker for past few months.

I'm taking the Net+ on 1/28 and feel pretty confident. I have gone over the different protocols native to each NOS, media types/max segments/etc , OSI (PDNTSPA) , and other general items.

I have been using a Sybex Deluxe Net+ book which has been great. I have also been using the Transcender practice test engine which has helped as well. Also been using the CBT Nuggets info.

Is there anything specific I need to go over this next week to be prepared for? Anything you would go in more prepared for? What caught you off guard?

Edit: Also, has anyone else used Transcender engine? My employer provided it for me, as well as CBT Nuggets. I passed the Transcender tests ~ 80% on first try for each one, so I feel pretty confident. Just seeing if anyone else used it as well.


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    Yeah i've been using the Sybex book, and CBT Nuggets as well as anything i can find on the net - i'm also taking it next Monday - and i also got 80% on the transcender exam - (onnly taken 1 of the 3 practice tests) - i'm not totally conifdant at the moment, feel i really need to brush up on novell/apple/unix - but thats what this next week is for, apart from remebering all the cable spec's :D
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    Sounds like you guys are ready.

    My only advice is know your fiber standards.
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