A+ core test on friday-any tips?

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I'm taking the A+ core test on friday, feb. 27th. I'd originally scheduled myself to take it on friday, march 5th, but i've began to get antsy and something inside was just telling me to take the exam sooner. Anyway, I've been studying along since about the first of the year, with a book called "Faster Smarter A+ Certification", Microsoft press. I did a search in this forum on that book and wound up talking to a guy who said he'd used the same book exclusively and had passed the core exam with quite a good score. Not wanting to take chances, I printed out all the tech exam notes from this website and have been looking over them also. Finally what I did was to go through the tech exam notes from this site, and through the review section of my A+ book, and from these I wrote myself out a little study guide, based mostly on what I didn't know (why concentrate on the stuff you've already got done pat). Also, I have a few A+ practice tests, and as of late i've been passing them on each attempt. So i'm wondering, can I pass the damn thing already? I don't think I can study much more than I already have- so anyone have any suggestions?

On a seperate note, I was reading on the microsoft site that they will offer a new certification, called "MCDST" (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician). And its described as follows: "The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) credential proves that you have the skills to successfully support end users and to successfully troubleshoot desktop environments running on the Microsoft Windows® operating system." Link here- http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcdst/default.asp

Anyways, what I was thinking, was that the A+ certification, combined with this other cert, might just land a nice entry level tech support job- anyone have thoughts?


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    go for it I say!

    All the best with the exam on friday

    Well I am looking for an enrty level technician job at present, and I have got A+ and Network+, I am studying for win2k 70-210. So in the long run I can use it for MCSA. I looked at that ms desktop support, and found out its not a MCP, so I would rather have Window Proffesional MCP on my cv.

    Let us know how you get on, and what you choose after A+. I would go with Network+, learnt loads on that.

    Good Luck
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    sounds like you will do well in the exam with your prep. the mcdst looks like a good thing to have too. i think it's aimed at technical support posts - i think it's m$ getting-a-foot-in-the-door cert ;)
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    Hey Chrome,

    I recently just took my A+ core test last week and scored a 615/900 using the same book (Smarter Faster A+ Certification). I was pretty good as I'm a programmer and have never done any hardware studies or tinkering. I need to expand my knowledge to get a job. (And actual recently got one starting on March 8 as an MS office technician, its a start) But anyways this is my experience with the Core exam. I studied the book, did all the practice tests I could find, read as many technotes I could get a hold of. After hearing that many people where having problem with the core exam I printed off the objectives and made sure I was confident with every objective. Anything I was iffy on I did a search online and tried to get the main specs and idea behind the material.

    That said this is what I had problems with on the exam. Knowing all the printers is essential. But make sure you know the basics of the not so commons ones like Solid Ink, Dye printers. I had 2 questions on those. Make sure you know the actual speeds of recent AMD Athlon CPU vs the name of chip (They can be found on their web site). Know everything about wireless, the spec, different types a, b, g and what you need to connect to at wireless network. Had a few questions on those. Other then that just know your troobleshooting steps because on the test they will make the answers very similar, some just swapping two step for example. Thats all I can say. Just review your material until friday and relax before you take the test. Good luck!! icon_wink.gif
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    That book that you were mentioning, how much is it and where did you find it? I am looking to take the exams by the end of the summer and want to have a good grip on the test materials. Is the book focused on the test? Did the tech-notes help out on the test materials? I wasn't sure if the tech-notes were for the older tests or the 2003 tests... Just out of curiousity, I am a college student who has been tinkering with computer hardware and have used all versions of windows since 3.1, I thought it was about time to get some kind of credentials and start my IT career off. I have not had an IT job yet, but plan on having a career in the IT field. Will this certification help me with a job? Or are more certifications usually required?
    thanks for the help everyone
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    Good luck on your test friday, don't sweat it and just take it easy and you'll be fine.
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    Idem! Good Luck. icon_lol.gif
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    Hey Orison,

    Above is the link to the "Faster Smarter A+ Certification" text book. The site has a break down of the table of content and a sample chapter to give you an idea of the layout. I used this book as it was one of the cheapest books for 2003 objectives and its reviews. The text book is layed out in the same order that the new objective are layed out on CompTIAs web site. But be careful this book will not cover everything you need for the test. You will have to research certain objectives like wireless and new chip speeds and models for example. The book costs $29.99 U.S. or $43.99 CAD. I heard also that "Michael Meyers A+ 5th edition" was really good too. I never used it myself but think it would be worth looking up.

    As for the certification I would recommend you to finish college. A cert is nice but you pretty much need a diploma or degree in IT to start. Unless you know someone that will get you a job, a diploma with certs with give you a better fighting chance to get an interview.
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    Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine
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    Best of all luck to you!!
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