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Hey, everyone.

So here's the dilema, I recently got my CCNA (just before the deadline!) and need advice on the next path to take -- yes, yes, I see this type of topic all over, but here's my twist.

I'm interested in the CCSP, but from browsing the topics and responses and such, I see most of the people saying if you have no experience, it just looks bad to have the professional level certification.

Part II; I'm currently looking for a CCNA related job, or any other job than what I currently do (I guess you could say data entry, a little desktop administration with the promises of being taught some network administration and learning a bunch of other things.

With that, should I not start my CCSP grind, or should I go for it with the hopes of achieving it by time I land into a new job, more related to cisco and networking in general. I was thinking, and don't bash me for this! I could tweak my resume a bit (once they show me / teach me a bit more) to say I've done some stuff with firewalls (which I will be doing, though nothing too intensive), and since I've been with the company for about a year and half now, have the illusion that my whole time there I was exposed to those sort of things?

Basically I just miss the studying and achieving a goal that I had during the CCNA, and don't want to sit around waiting for a job - CCNP is an option, but the interest level is more towards security, and being both professional level certs, figured I'd might as well study for SP instead.

Did this turn into one of those -- answered my own questions? Hope not, thanks in advance!
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    I would advise against "tweaking" your resume since those type of things come to light rather quickly and just make you look bad. There's no reason to wait to start working on the CCSP though. If you're that worried about it having negative repercussions due to your lack of experience, just leave it off your resume and don't bring it up. There's no reason to sit on your hands in the meantime.

    If you're looking to just break into the field, you might want to consider adding on some MS and/or Linux certifications. I think you're going to have a hard time finding a full-time Cisco job with no/little experience and just a CCNA. You'll be a more appealing candidate for employment if you can take on other responsibilities in addition to the Cisco work.
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    Definitely do not leave it off your resume... experience or not, having that cert is huge. Having any cert is huge. So you dont have experience? The fact that you spent your time trying to get a cert shows you are motivated and willing to learn. Unless the position calls for someone with immediate experience and expertise, an employer should look at that and be impressed rather then deterred from hiring you. So study and learn, dont waste time. Put whatever you have on your resume and be proud of the time you spent trying to get your certs.
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    Definitely avoid the tweaks to your resume -- even if you showed the necessary skills on an interview, once that "tweak" came out on a reference check I doubt we'd let you anywhere near a firewall, network, or server.

    But if you are going to get some training and firewall responsibility -- then definitely continue on your study path. Don't rush out and cram in a CCSP, but start with something like the Cisco Firewall Specialist. Just remember those specialist certifications are only good for 2 years, and Cisco exams are "good for 3 years" to apply towards the CCSP. If you get the Cisco Firewall Specialist Certification and your firewall/security responsibilities don't increase at your current job, then consider taking your "limited security experience" and certifications to a new employer that will give you greater opportunities.

    Good Luck!
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