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I'm about to separate from the USAF and have about 60 hours done in school... I'm applying for a few universities but UCDavis seems to be my favorite so far. I've spent the last few years all over the place but I didn't get a chance to stay for very long so I told myself I would spend a year abroad. I literally have no idea what career path I will finally head down but I am good with computers and I've spent the last 8-9 months studying for net+, sec+, ccna(basic studying) and mcsa. I figure until I figure something out, that would be a good plan b. I've always been pretty good with networking and I recently formatted my computer and put linux on, without knowing a single thing about it, but I've learned to like it. Anyway, to get to the point I've always wanted to learn another language and I was wondering in the IT world, what language is best?(if any). I really want to move to europe and I think a bilingual wouldn't have a horrible time finding work. Any thoughts??? My first thought was german( already know the very basics), french or british(well, at least I can't understand a damn thing they say).




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    I have the same dillema as you.

    I'm a European in US for 4 years and recently I was thinking about learning another language as well, just in case I'll end up going there. Of course people reaction was kind of ignorant , people would say that learning another language is a waste and I woundn't use it at all.

    True, in US the only language other than English you could use is Spanish, but that was not the point of learning the language at from the beginning.

    My guess is to learn German. German is a second language in Europe, especially in finance and banking, and we all know that finance and banking are connected with IT. Russian can be good for business purposes unless you want to become Russian Hacker ;). Spanish... not so much for me...
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    Spanish would be beneficial because of it's increasing popularity in the US. I'd say German and Japanese would be the other two "high-tech" languages. Japanese is a blast. While the writing will slow you down a little, it actually becomes quite intuitive with some practice. My second semester actually starts today :D

    Russian or Chinese would be good if you want to get into the media/software piracy and spyware businesses.
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    If you don't want to limit yourself to just Europe or North America or Asia, may I suggest:
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    hehe good one ;))

    I forgot that in case we want to do server management on Mars we better know Klingon.....
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