do you need layer 3 switches in a CCIP lab

hey I was wondering when thinking about home labs for the CCIP do you need L3 switches in your rack?

I had a look online at the CCIE SP cert rack rental and the topologies have a coupe 3560's in there.

my labs currently looking like this, bit heavy on the routers, I blame Jeff Doyle

4 x 2611XM
1 x 2650XM
1 x 2691
3 x 3640's
1 x 2600 (frame-relay switch)

1 x 2950G
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    Not really. The QoS course will include some LAN QoS which can be done on the L3 3550 and 3560 or on an enterprise version of the 2950 or 2960 which has many of the same features. I think it would be a wise choice to have a L3 switch in your lab so you can become familiar with them.
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  • aueddonlineaueddonline Member Posts: 611
    yeah I was thinking that to, probably better getting a 3560 considering it's going to have to last a while,

    I just missed one on ebay which went for £550/$1000, the one's i've seen go for more like £1000/$1900

    There is another:

    Cisco IOS Software, C3560 Software (C3560-IPSERVICES-M), Version 12.2(25)SEE3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

    I have to get these IOS's right because I have no way of upgrading
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