i'm Going 4 CCVP

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Hi there ,
i'm gonna go for ccvp the next month , but i've 2 questions
1- should i do a revision for the ccna , i almost forgot about it cause of my college study

2- the course will be 5 days \ week , will i be able to study ?



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    mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    You should review your CCNA material -- the basic routing and switching stuff. Once your class starts you don't want to fall behind trying to review the CCNA stuff you should already know.

    Not sure what the format of you class is, or how long it goes on. Usually a class day would be split between lecture and lab work -- and then you'd have the opportunity to study and/or practice in the lab in the evening and review the material for the next days class. Usually you get to still sleep some at night :D

    If it's a bootcamp type course -- then if you haven't done some study and preparation before the class, you may fall behind the first time you hit something new in the class and can't keep up with the others.

    If its a bootcamp that spends a large amount of time drilling you on questions and answers, or even gives you a ****/**** to study from -- then get your money back.

    Good Luck!
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