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Any thoughts on which certifications to pursue if I want to be a developer of software? I know that microsoft offers certifications but it seems that these are aimed at creating business solutions.

I must admit that I'm interested in creating video games (among other things). So does anyone have any suggestions as far as what sort of certifications may help me to achieve this goal? It does seem likely that a portfolio of my current work in the field would be best but I was just wondering if there was any certifications that may be helpful.


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    Video Games involve more graphics and "graphics programming" than simple straight forward OOP programing. If you're relatively new in the field, you might want to consider getting a good grasp of OOP programming first; then move on to graphics creation, and finally connect the pieces together in order to make a real game.

    I personally believe dealing with graphics is way harder than crancking out a few lines of code. It takes a lot of creative skills before you can endeavor to come up with something that works. I'm sure making games is something great and fun :)

    I'm not aware of any Industry-Renown technical certifications on video programming; however, if you wish to pursue the knowledge required for accomplished that, there's plenty of knowledge out there to be learned. In fact, Video Games programming (or even all games) is one of the hardest branches of computer programming. Game creators usually have a graphics designer who knows graphics and 3D modeling inside out before they put the game to work. Such people also have really fast computers that can do some real good picture rendering. So.... the graphics part, in itself, is as hard as the rest of it.

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    Hmm.. From what I hear, game programming doesn't make as much money as other possible avenues. I also hear, that if you get in, you'll be programming some dumbass feature, like a twinkle effect for a menubar. :/ Yeah, just my two cents :D

    I'll ask some of my instructors at school tomorrow about a career path for game programming though :)
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    Thanks for the info friends.
    Sort of confirms my thoughts.

    I'm thinking that I'll treat it as a hobby for now and continue to work on small projects and maybe someday try to find myself a place in the field.

    Still curious what your instructor has to say though Sartan.

    Thanks again.
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    I don't know of any certs that are aimed at that, but I do know that Nintendo actually owns a school in Washington state that gives degrees in video game design. The school is called Digi Pen Tech, and from what I've heard, they're very selective with their admittance, but that's about the best I can come up with.
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    Check out the link directory on my other website for more information about game design:


    Besides the link directory, also check out the top banner, it may be exactly what you need.
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    Just wanted to say that was a great great GREAT site. Heck, now you've got me considering dropping the cert idea and going for another degree at that online university =)
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