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I was told that if you went through the Cisco Academy program for your CCNA and was able to pass the CCNA you should be able to pass the Network+ certification from your CCNA studies, can anyone give me any insight into how true this is please.




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    No this is not correct. There are plently of things in the Network+ exam that are not in the CCNA exam. However, taking your Network+ after your CCNA is like becoming MCP when you are already MCSE ;)

    But, once you passed the CCNA, it should be very doable to pass the Network+ exam by 'just' reading our Network+ TechNotes, and taking online practice exams.
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    The net + focuses more on non-vendor specific hardware and basic wiring standards as well as OSI stuff.
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    I agree with everyone here. Just because you passed the CCNA test does not mean you will pass the Net+ exam. The CCNA exam focuses on a spefic vendor (Cisco). Ofcourse there will be some basic networking questions especially from the OSI model.

    The Net+ exam test your knowledge on TCP port numbers, basic network troubleshooting scenerios as well as other general networking knowledge.
    If you pass the CCNA and you want to take the Net+ I would highly recommend to go over the Technotes for the Net+ exam and memorize the most common ports used today.

    The OSI model is a big subject on your Net+ and CCNA. Know it inside out!!!

    Sleep, Dream, and eat the OSI model...very important!!! icon_study.gif
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