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Hi, I was just wondering if there is much about the IEEE standards in the exam... this is not a cheating question. A simple Yes/No would suffice. The reason I ask is because there doesn't seem to be much about the IEEE standards in the Network+ Exam Objectives from Comptia?

I mean there is stuff about wireless 802.11, 802.1 Internetworking 802.2 LLC, 802.3 CSMA/CD - Ethernet and 802.5 Token Ring but it doesn't go as much as to say learn all 17 or so IEEE standards of by heart... such as 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring and such .... ?

Thanks in advance.


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    You will probably be tested on 802 standards so make sure you are familiar with them.
    It looks like you know the major ones although 802.10 = Lan security. Also make sure you know about the 801.1 and 802.1x authentication layer. My books didn't cover any other standards but it never hurts to at least know about the remaining.
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    You're trying to read too much into it. Take the exam objectives on faith. If it's not listed, it's not on the test. Don't make it more difficult than it really is. Relax. icon_cool.gif
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    I memorized the standard number and the general title- that's it, and it was plenty for the exam.

    Example: 802.3, Ethernet

    That's all I memorized, but I did memorize all 17. Write them on a flash card- title on one side, number on the other, and know them front to back. It will take you all of thirty minutes to prepare and memorize, I swear.
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