Comptia A+ Noob needs help!

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Hello, guys. I'm new to all of this comptia certification process. I'm not, however, new to computers. Anyway, I would like to get a certificate of completion of the A+ objectives. I'm looking at the Comptia essentials and the 220-602 tests.
My question is: Is it mandatory that I attend a hands-on class prior to taking the exam? or can I just study off Mike Myers' 2006 Comptia A+ book and then when I feel ready to take the exam, I can register for my exam appointment and take it? I have bought it online so it's on its way!!

Thanks for your help!


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    hi there, for the A+ i dont believe that hands on classes are necessary, i passed the A+ with just the all-in-one book and the technotes from this site, if you feel confident that your knowledge can cover all the objectives, go ahead and nail the exam. good luck, let us know how it goes :D
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    Dude, thanks a whole lot for this info. I just had to get that cleared up. Thanks again. I will definitely let you know how my exam results go. Can't wait to take it! I also overlooked this site's technotes. I'll have a good look at them right now!
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    I only used the Sybex book to study for the test and I passed both the 601 and 602 on the same day with no trouble (as have a LOT of other people on this site and elsewhere). If you've already got hands-on experience with the hardware and Windows OS you won't have any trouble passing the tests.

    Good luck.
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    1) Use 2 reference books to study from, and be sure they're current. I used MM's Passport and Exam Cram2.

    2) Take every practice test you can when you are near the end of your studies, or each section.

    3) Don't underestimate the test. Some questions are rock dumb, some are left field and no amount of studying can prepare you for them.

    **If you can get CBT Nuggets or Trancenders, I recommend them. Maybe not for A+/N+ because of their cost, but if you have any problems passing, they are about the best way you can learn.
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