Tell us what sites you really enjoy!!!

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I am curious to see what other sites everyone likes to visit. Not just IT or computer-related sites, but anywhere you enjoy to go that maybe you could suggest to others. Ya never know, we may spark some new interests for some icon_wink.gif

here are a few top favs: ...VW enthusiast site among other manufac. I offer advice and help for VW owners & ...two great sites for online gaming & ...for music stuff


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    I'll change highways at the crossroads, I'm going only where I desire.
  • AnthonyJD81AnthonyJD81 Member Posts: 187 you write poetry? I notice two of your cites reflect that. Thats pretty cool icon_wink.gif

    I really like the Dark Horizons web site. I am gonna start checking that out often :P

    icon_idea.gif You got me interested in somewhere I never been b4...thanks!
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    I've been writing for close to ten years now. I have my own website, it is;

    Enjoy icon_lol.gif
    I'll change highways at the crossroads, I'm going only where I desire.
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    I really have to try hard to come up with a couple of non-computer related sites I visit: icon_wink.gif

    Here are some related to another interest of mine: (=my site also) (mainly for the tutorials) (mainly for the 'models', this is where the wireframe model for the computer used in our technotes and practice exams' network diagrams come from)
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    Very nice work....web design and writing wise icon_wink.gif
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    Hey Johan, does this website and your other consume most of your time or are these just side things you do for fun and expierience? If they are just sidework, what kind of position do you hold as your professional career if you don't mind me asking?
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    I know I have to redo the About Us page and include some more info about myself and the writers I hire :) is just a hobby, well actually modelling in 3D is the hobby, 3Dvalley is the result of that hobby, I don't actually run the site, other people do. Indeed for fun.

    TechExams.Net is a different story, I have a lot of fun building it up and although I keep learning something new every day, I do it for sharing IT experience gaining tech writing skills at the same time ;)
    I've been working in the IT industry for almost 9 years, started entry-level at a support center ended up implementing and expanding large worldwide NT 4 and Exchange 5.5 environments, designing small cisco based networks, project management and consultancy a couple of years later (you can read some more about my quest for a good job here: ), at my last job I was training people at an outsourcing company CCNA and MCSE 2000 when they were between jobs. This led to writing practice questions and study notes... it is still a hobby and it doesn't cover the hosting and techwriter costs but by now it isn't exactly "sidework" anymore :) I hope some day I will be able to write or co-author a complete text book, maybe for Network+ or CCNA.

    I hope this satisfies your curiosity icon_wink.gif

    Johan :D
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    i'm afraid that most of the time i spend on the internet is in an attempt to understand what ever i.t. subject i am interested in at the time.

    though i do have a tendancy to browse and on a regular basis also.
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    Webmaster wrote: (=my site also) (mainly for the tutorials)

    I like those two sites. I added them to my list.
    Bellboy, I see where you're coming from. I used to be the same way. But sometimes we need to push to the side what we do, to expand to different things. icon_wink.gif
    I'll change highways at the crossroads, I'm going only where I desire.
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