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Anyone willing to look over my resume and tear it apart/make suggestions? I don't have much in the way of IT experience, but the jobs I have had are listed. Any help would be great. Let me know and I'll post it up or email it.
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    Many people just post them up. Be sure to exclude personal details that aren't relevant for our critique.
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    Are you just getting your resume ready or is there a specific job you are going for?
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    Just getting it ready. I'm still finishing my B.S. right now, working on my CCNA as well. I suck when it comes to resumes. Formatting got jacked a little, some things I need to remove, forgot the High School admin stuff was on there. lol. That was 10 years ago.

    Resume Follows

    Objective: To obtain employment in the IT field and work in a fast paced and challenging environment.

    Education: 1995–1999: Wells High School, Wells ME

    2003–2006: Brevard Community College, Melbourne FL
    Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems

    2007-Present: DeVry University, Ft. Washington PA.
    Major: Network Communications Management. GPA: 3.57. Date of graduation: September 2008.

    Related Course Work

    o Database Techniques
    o Beginning PC Repair
    o Advanced PC Repair
    o UNIX Fundamentals
    o Computer Management Information Systems
    o Systems Analysis and Design
    o Cisco Fundamentals
    o Cisco Router Technology
    o Cisco Intermediate Routing and Switching
    o Cisco WAN Technologies
    o C++ Programming
    o Advanced C++ Programming
    o Visual C++ Programming
    o Visual Basic Programming
    o Business Management

    Employment Experience:
    08/06-Present Comcast Cable
    Data Coordinator: Archived, encrypted and transmitted various files to multiple vendors as member of the Data Transmissions team. Utilized ticket tracking software throughout the course of the work day.
    Communications Technician: Troubleshot problems from within the customer’s home to the tap. Performed other duties including installation and upgrades of Comcast services.

    07/04-09/06 Florida Army National Guard
    Infantryman: Assigned to a Heavy Weapons company. Operated a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) during convoy operations in both training and live fire exercises. Performed duties as a member of a rifle platoon.

    05/04-08/04 Blockbuster Video
    Customer Service Representative. Operated computerized database during daily activities. Assisted in the opening and closing of the store.

    08/99-07/02 United States Navy
    Deck Department Supervisor in charge of all Damage Control equipment and personnel. Designated as Division ADP Representative responsible for all maintenance and repair of division computer systems. Assisted in the maintenance of ship-wide e-mail server. Performed as member of ship’s security force and damage control team.

    Honors: Dean’s List (DeVry University) Summer 2007
    Dean’s List (Brevard Community College) for two semesters (Fall 2003 and Spring 2004).
    Awarded a Letter of Commendation for Professional Achievement as Deck Division Supervisor (United States Navy).

    Additional Information:
    BETA tester for Spec Ops Ranger Team Bravo (Personal Computer, 199icon_cool.gif.
    Assisted Network Administrator (Wells High School) in maintenance and administration of school-wide network.

    References: Available upon request.
    "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." -Heraclitus
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    I'd replace the objective with a summary. They know you want a job. Why else would you be sending your resume? A brief summary about yourself and skills would be better IMO. I like the following format:


    Work Experinece


    You should probably highlight your IT experience more. You have very little information about your comcast experience, but I'm sure you could elaborate a little more. Seeing as this is your only real IT experience I'd highlight it as much as possible. As you probably know by now experience is key in this field. Also you have beta testing and assited network addministrator all the way at the bottom. This is some good experience and I'd move it closer to the top as if they see just a bunch of unrelated experience they might not even read that far.

    I don't think you need references available upon request either. If they want references they wil let you know.
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    Should I even leave the Network maintenance in there? Thats was ~10 yrs ago. lol.
    "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." -Heraclitus
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    I'd leave that before I left Block Buster...

    I'd also put the Honors in the education/certification section.

    You should change the course work included into some kind of skills section or something. Related course work doesn't really seem good to me.

    This is all my opinion. There is no wrong and right way. I just know what has worked for me.
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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    Hey a fellow 11B :)

    I was 82nd.

    Umm...anyway, you need to trim it up, needs to all fit on one leave the last 3 employers and the crem de la crem of the abilities.
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    Please take blockbuster off your resume. Or at least put it under 'other experience' with 1 line for it if the job requires customer service.

    Also, your course work can be summarized. Do you really need C+ AND advnaced C+? Or tailor it around the specific job you are appling for (ie programming, networking etc)

    I also suggest leaving your HS off as it is meaningless at your point. I don't know why people with degrees and tons of experience put something as trivial as their HS education on a resume. Like they have even heard of or care what HS you went to.

    And I agree to ditch the objective as it is pretty useless.
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    Employers don't care about high school
    Bachelor of Computer Science

    [Forum moderators are my friends]
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    HS And BB are out. Also redid the format. Thansk guys.
    "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." -Heraclitus
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