Passed 601 taking 602 in a week

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I passed the 601 today and passed. i have a friend that gave me two text books that he had read from when he passed the a+ both 601 and 602. I finished reading them both several times. I printed the objectives from comptia's site for both 601 and 602 and notice that they are similar... what do i need to prepare exactly, what do i need to look over the most to prepare for 602?
I'm sort of new to this site as well so is there some link in this site that might help me out prepare for the 602?


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    You can look over the TechNotes

    You stated you have the Objectives already. Good there.

    Experience? Didn't see you mention anything abou this, but the Exams are geared toward candidates with working knowledge so the more hands-on you have or can master before your exam...the better prepared you'll be.

    What sort of textbooks? You mentioned 2 but not the titles.
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    cover of the books were torn out.... icon_confused.gif but according to my friend one of them is the "A+ Guide to managing and troubleshooting PCs by Mike Meyers"

    And as for experience I've been working in a retail store as a salesperson and just recently transfered to help desk/ service tech. Once I get the A+ cert. I have to get HP certified seeing as the store is a certified repair center.
    I've been tech now for a little over 2 months. Hope that's enough experience to get through most of the exam icon_wink.gif
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    I found the 602 to be much easier than the 601, it just seemed to have a lot mored questions concerning customer service. If you already deal with customers face-to-face, you probably have what you need for those questions (just use common sense, really).

    Good luck, but I'm sure you'll do fine! icon_thumright.gif
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    I'm taking the exam in an hour!
    Hope it goes well
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