Need Aironet bridge IOS version 12.3(7).

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I have a Cisco Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Bridge Model Air-BR1400, IOS versions 12.3(icon_cool.gifJA. It was getting shutdown from 10 pm to 8/9 am because of the low temperature. And I found the following error log:
“Interface Dot11Radio0 Radio over temperature detected”.

Searching through the net, I found it’s a common problem with this version of IOS. Cisco itself recommends downgrading it to IOS version 12.3(7). This IOS image is supposed to be found in the Cisco site with id and pass.

However, I don’t have any ID or password to download the file from CISCO site. And my valuable customer is yelling at us. Now being in emergency, I have no other way but to seek help here. [edited by Webmaster, see Mike's comment below]

Thank you.


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